Using Clenbuterol in a Safe Manner: How to Plan a Clenbuterol Cycle

If you are interested in boosting your physical workout for building muscular mass and losing weight, you may also be interested in using Clenbuterol, so you should definitely understand why and how to plan a Clenbuterol cycle.

How to prepare your Clenbuterol Cycle ?

Clenbuterol is a popular drug among professional and amateur bodybuilders, many celebrities using it.

Why is it so popular and what does it do? It boosts your metabolism, allowing you to sustain longer and more intense physical workouts.

This effect is coupled with an enhancement of the fat reserves breakdown and burning mechanisms. Basically, it is a nerve stimulant, acting like adrenaline. It dilates your bronchi, letting more air enter your lungs, it increases blood pressure, stimulates thermogenic fat loss and inhibits your appetite.

Why do you need to plan a specific Clenbuterol cycle? While it is safe when used according to the recommendations and by people whose health condition allows it, Clenbuterol might have negative effects in case of over dosage.

Nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, overheating, excessive sweating, headache, insomnia, vomiting, cramps and chest pain are some of the side effects an overdose can induce, mostly due to thermogenesis and cardiovascular effects.

While all these can be avoided with proper hydration and nutrition, serious cardiovascular problems might await you in extreme cases.

This is why people with a serious cardiovascular condition or several other illnesses should not use it.

Clenbuterol lasts quite a long time in your organism, its half life being of around 35 hours.

The anabolic effect lasts for 18 days, while the thermogenic enhancement lasts for 6-8 weeks.

These are the reasons why you must not use it for a long period of time and why designing a proper Clenbuterol cycle is essential.

First, you should know that Clenbuterol usually comes in tablets with 20 mcg active ingredient.

The right dosage depends on your gender: women should take less than men. Here are some examples of commonly used, safe cycles.clenbuterol-cycle

Bursting Cycle

A common version is the 2 days on / 2 days off cycle.

This means that you take the pills for two days, in a high dose (but never more than 150 micrograms a day, because it would be harmful), and you stop taking them the next two days.

You can continue alternating throughout a maximum period of 12 weeks.

The bursting Clenbuterol cycle, while rather popular, is not really effective.

This is because it does not use the whole thermogenesis enhancement potential of this drug. It is also quite stressful for your organism, so using it is not the best option.

2 weeks cycle

2 weeks on / 2 weeks off is another version of the cycle.

It is very popular to buy Clenbuterol online among professional bodybuilders, because it takes full advantage of the thermogenic effect.

In this type of Clenbuterol cycle, you start with a low daily dose (20-40 mcg), increasing it up to 100-140 mcg at the end of the two weeks.

Then, you just take a break for the next two weeks and start again with the low dose.

Again, the whole period should not exceed 12 weeks. The 2-week break has a positive effect, helping your body adapt to an increasing dosage and recover after medication, while also keeping your metabolic rate high each time you start using Clenbuterol again.

The problem is that, during the 2 weeks off, you metabolic rate slows down again, because the thermogenic action ends.

Incrementing cycle

The incrementing Clenbuterol cycle has a growing popularity, because of its high efficiency. Here is how it works. You start with a dose around 20-40 mcg and increase it with 20 mcg a day, every 2-3 weeks.

This way, your metabolism stays at a high rate throughout the treatment and your tissues continue burning fat to release heat for the entire period.

This steady dosage increase rate prevents excessive accumulation of the drug in your system and allows a degree of adaptation, without giving your organism a chance to get fully accustomed to it (the drug does not lose its effects).

You should never have a treatment cycle longer than 3 weeks. During this period, drink lots of water, to prevent side effects, and avoid caffeine and other nervous system stimulants.

Theoretically, the incrementing Clenbuterol cycle is the best option, but, in the end, it all depends on each person’s organism.

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